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Business Representation Skills

Modern etiquette, business attire and dining etiquette

A smart appearance, good social skills and correct table manners are expected in today’s business world. Check “your” etiquette at this seminar and learn how to represent your company correctly on all occasions.

Target group

People who have to deal with clients or undertake representational duties

Extract from seminar program

  • A brief history of etiquette
  • Social skills for dealing with clients, colleagues and supervisors
  • Welcoming guests and introductions
  • Titles and forms of address
  • Conducting phone/mobile phone conversations
  • Correct handling of e-mails
  • Small talk
  • A formal dinner party in a restaurant
  • Preparation and looking after guests
  • Correct handling of cutlery, glasses and china
  • Seating
  • Clothing etiquette – the right outfit for all occasions
  • Colour consultancy including brief analysis

Duration: two half days plus one business dinner

Participants: max. 12 per seminar

Style and Etiquette - business manners in Germany

How do I dress for success
How do I introduce people in a business setting?
Am I familiar with German table manners?
Do I know how to eat foreign food?

The seminar is designed to answer these questions and more.

Extract from seminar program

  • A brief history of etiquette
  • How to greet and introduce people
  • The correct treatment of customers, colleagues and executives
  • Small talk
  • Telephone (mobile phone) manners
  • Dress for success
  • How to be a good host and guest
  • Business lunch or dinner

The meal is an important part of the seminar. We shall enjoy typical German food in a traditional restaurant.

Duration: one day including business dinner or lunch

Participants: max. 12 per Seminar

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